580+ Consecutive Days in the Whitewater Valley Documenting Eagles, Cougar, Bear, the Land . . . the Bullet Shells Put in Front of My Stops

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Walk the Burn covers seven seasons of my life. For this documentary, I shot over one million images, on my expanded 13-mile beat that ended a mile from the Mississippi River, I ran into more trouble and "activities", poaching, illegal trapping and more while I shot captured my footage and images of eagles, sandhill cranes, bear, cougar and species that were rare--if ever even photographed before. 

Unfortunate for me, I'd have to hire countless PI, security teams, white hat hackers, off-duty cops, trained personal protection dogs, that I ended up leaving home so they didn't get ripped up by the cougar--all so I could continue my work over the next 15 years of my life. I still visit the valley, there are still stories it wants me to share.

First, I have to heal. From the scars cut deep into my heart. From the deaths of my family. From my husband's cancer scare, from my new diagnosis. If I don't make it out of the city again to be that wild-spirited land, the one that earned the names: The Town Joke, The Nature Lady, The Bug Lady and finally, The Lady of Whitewater, I will always have over two million images, 1400 hours of raw bald eagle footage, bear, cougar, nature, and the people who stalked, stole, stuck razor blades in my tires, and the kills they left for me to find. 


I finally realized, if I left, the wildlife would be safer because the men would not be there to harass me and find them. Poach the rare subjects or run them down in cold blood right in front of me.


Walk the Burn #1 New Release in Environmental and Natural Resources Law (both kindle and book) by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

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