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Cease and Desist Notice to Doubleday Publishers for Young Readers from Lisa Loucks-Christenson

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Cease and Desist Notice to Doubleday Publishers for Young Readers from Lisa Loucks-Christenson


Heaven Can Rest - Cover placeholder

Heaven Can Rest: Series placeholder cover,

this is not the final cover. 

Don't Eat Bees! Series placeholder cover

Don't Eat Bees!™ Series Cover: placeholder this is not the final cover for the series


Don't Eat Bees! proof of use on Google in 2019

Above is the published Don't Eat Bees! covers, right and left, and the number of hits those cover images have had, on just Silver Lake Books Business Site, on Google. This doesn't include the over a million hits on our network, and other sites, or the number of sales, art cards, pieces of art, business cards, Photo Trader™ cards I've handed out, display windows I've paid for, national radio, commercials, national magazine ads. 

Dear Doubleday, 

This is your cease and desist to stop using my Don't Eat Bees title. 

This is how your book appears in our evidence gathering against your company:

Below is (partial) photos, ads, story, book covers, place holder covers for the series in progress with another publisher vs Doubleday Publishers for Young Readers book that has a similar cover and the words "Don't eat bees" on their inside illustration just like Lisa Loucks-Christenson's award-winning book..


 Infringer of Lisa's Don't Eat Bees!

My book, Don't Eat Bees! is a double Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner, a number one international best-seller, and is part of my Bow Wow Detectives® a federally registered trademark, book series, Don't Eat Bees!™. It is also a Story Antics Personalized Book™ that replaces my clients German Shepherd's name with the character, Dale, in the book. 

I've spent seven years on this project and series. I'm not going to allow you to publish identical text from my book, without written permission, (which, if you had asked, I may have granted--you were one of my favorite publishers).

I'm receiving phone calls, unwanted website traffic to my websites, your using the same name as my domain, is causing my call center to receive unwanted calls pestering the operators that they will make the book a best-seller and number one. It can't be my book, since I've already worked hard to obtain these honors. 

I don't appreciate your typesetter or illustrator, using a font so similar to my handwriting I'm almost thinking of hiring a forensic handwriting analyzer to prove you've nearly forged my words and arrangement into your creation, making a derivative work from my copyrighted and federally trademarked work and brands.

I am demanding that you change the page in the book that has any likeness to my Don't Eat Bees! book title and inside text of my book (the same words that your author used) remove your title name to something else, there must be a million names you could use, I'm also using Don't Eat Tortoises!, Don't Eat Roasts!, Don't Eat Rabbits!, and others, just giving you a heads-up, in-case you are working on using other titles in my trademarked series. 

The second book, is the sequel to Don't Eat Bees! Heaven Can Rest! I recommend you don't use this either, or my handwritten words that look so much like your artist's words. I published mine a couple of years ago, your's isn't due for release until the spring. It's obvious, to everyone, that I created these works. 

This is from my other websites. I'll keep adding this information everywhere I can, to show that I am the creator, not your publishing house of my branded series, titles, and trademarks: Bow Wow Detectives, Story Antics®, Story Antics Personalized Books™. 

My Sunday was going well, until I went to check info on my Amazon published books and found another copy-cat to my work. First it was my Winter Bugs!, Snowy Creek Books™, eCompass Communications™, Bow Wow Detectives®, dozens of other people copying my brands and services I've paid the cost to promote, educate the public, handed out cards, art, art cards (none of this came free to me). Go register a trademark, federally, and renew it, buy others, see what the costs are.

I don't understand how a Big Five publisher could miss a simple name check? 

Worse, the publisher, typesetter, author or illustrator, used a commercial or handwritten font so close to my handwriting (this is my writing, not copied or traced from any source), to match their book also titled, Don't Eat Bees.

The inside text shows their words written almost like mine, that anyone taking a fast glance may get confused and think this authors' book is mine. 

Toads of Telemark have a message for thieves of Lisa's work

Nice for them. I've spent seven years branding, creating, making the series, the sequel to the Don't Eat Books! (there is other titles in that series I haven't even started, but it's all there, written in the first sketchbook, right under "Don't Eat Roasts!" from the day my German Shepherd jumped up on the counter and stole our dinner, only half of it. He inspired the other books, right along with the first one. 

I'll have my attorney write the official Cease and desist later today and send it off to the Big Five publisher, one you can find, bumping all my efforts, money and advertising to the bottom of -- everywhere, while they prepare their book for launch on Amazon, distribute their books all across the world, and against my federally registered trademark, Bow Wow Detectives®, my Story Antics® and Story Antics Personalized Books.

My personalized Don't Eat Bees! book is published through the Story Antics Personalized Books™ and is ready for launch. A book where German Shepherd owners can put their dog's name inside my book instead of Dale's name, my bee-eating German Shepherd. 

I haven't seen if their author has future plans to create a sequel to their Don't Eat Bees book, or if so, if they plan to copy my Heaven Can Rest! title name, The sequel to my Don't Eat Bees!™ book series. 

The attached personal comic is one that I drew from my Toads of Telemark™ comic, one I launched 27 days ago. It only took that long for God to use it to tell the truth. I expect I'll get more "inspiration" for it as the days go on. Stay tuned for my Courtly Cottontails™ syndicated cartoon, they have a few words for infringement too. 



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