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1/9/2008, Day 1, Year 4 Dancer & Daedee: Snow Falling on Eagles

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1/9/2008, Day 1, Year 4 Dancer & Daedee: Snow Falling on Eagles
Dear Bald Eagle Friends,

Thank you for your constant encouragement and timely words to begin my year four of the bald eagle project.

My uncle Festus died last night. The last thing I expected for today was to be heading into the woods. I expected to be packing my truck and heading south.

Now that the day has almost passed, looking back, I would almost think my uncle Festus was with me and Donny.  I will miss you Festus. You know I loved you.  May you watch over me on this year four project.

I started out today with just the intentions of scouting. Instead it was a record day for photo opportunity. Donny (my bodyguard), he watches over me, him and Paul, but today he was my good luck charm as well.

I went with the Mayor Donny to scout a new nest in the pair of eagles territory. His wife Judy had spotted it a couple days ago. Yesterday I got a call from him asking if I knew about this new nest. He told me I better come down and check it out. My eagles would expect that.
Of course, I had to come down to the eagle project area. I had to just see if my eagle pair was building a new nest, or was there a possibility one of their eaglets had returned and were building?

 I picked Donny up at his house and we drove the short distance. Sure enough, there was a new nest. I noticed it as I took a bend. I may as well say this now. I am purposely leaving out location details, and roads, and landmarks. I am doing this for the protection of the eagles, and myself. I've had my share of unwanted crimes while trying to do a project I feel is my plan from the Lord, but mostly, it's to protect the eagles.  Reporting crime tends to bite you in the backside.  

This new nest was unoccupied, but newly laid, fresh sticks told me someone was building there, and that someone was likely in the area now, gathering more sticks. 

I wanted to show Donny a couple other nest locations I'd been watching. On the way, I spotted, to my amazement, a migrating pair of trumpeter swans who were likely en-route to Monticello, Minnesota, to join the thousands of others who will be passing through Minnesota over the next several weeks. 

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