Tribal Police needed. Please help look at photos of animal crimes

Posted by Lisa Loucks-Christenson on

My husband and I were talking last night. He told me he'd never been more mad at me in his life than when I went down to the Whitewater Valley, through the -30s, blizzards, incidents, but he knew I was unstoppable. 

I paid the price, but the wildlife paid for it with their lives from some hecklers, some people who harassed me, followed and stalked, set traps, stole my gear and equipment, worse. I was not the only one. 

I've walked through dark valley's most men ran away from. I faced the cougar and bear without a gun. The black wolf came to me but snarled and growled at the men. 

I'm looking for help. I can't solve everything. I promised a dead eaglet answers. Blocked and rail-roaded, stone-walled, and made out to be the town joke in at least three counties, I could be fourth in your town––if I am wrong. I am not wrong. I am still that voice for those creatures. I still have a promise to fulfill to that eaglet.

Can you help?

If you are a non-tribal cop, don't bother reaching out. I will only talk to tribal police now. Where were you Olmsted, Rochester Police, Winona County, Wabasha County? Those animals needed your help. Where were you State of Minnesota, State Patrol, Conservation Officers (the real ones, not the impostor wearing the credentials of a real officer--that's another book).

I endured your humiliation, your hurt, while almost dying myself when my lungs shut down at the edge of the Whitewater River. You wouldn't have come if I had cell coverage--I had to wade through the deep snow back to my truck where my oxygen was, I refused to die in Winona County. I survived sepsis, twice. I walked through the harassment, the cougar incidents, the bear, the snakes, the weird men at my truck, in the woods following me--it's all here in my show, and upcoming  books. Come see for yourself now, what I tried showing you then but you were all too busy being part of the blue code of silence, the Good Old Boy Clubs. 

Detective - Rochester - you know who you are. I won't name you or embarrass you like you did me. I offer you a personal tour of the photos, and I offer you the same deal, pick two things out of those crime scenes and I'll give it to my "federal" guy (your's was state) next time he stops in my store, along with the experts. 

I only asked for your help, not for me, but for the animals I stood witness to those animals that gave their lives as the people ran them over in cold blood in front of me. Worse. These are the stories––ones that you thought I just made up. I think your are too chicken to show up and see the truth. I don't talk to cowards.

It's too late to investigate now. The greatest disappointment in my life was believing, trying to continue to trust, trying to understand your resistance to the truth, while the animals died and I was helpless to help them. 

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