Lisa Loucks-Christenson Current Projects

"y todo va a estar bien" --Lisa

NaNoWriMo 2021

Wolves of Whitewater Falls

Lisa is working on her WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS series during November 2021. Lisa's Med-City Rattlesnake Man, Book 12 and the first episode of Loyalties to a Wolf (releasing in December 2021). 


Toads of Telemark™Toads of Telemark #21-11-04

Huevember is a daily art challenge that takes place during the month of November. This year, Lisa is launching her Toads of Telemark™, a Christian comic. Once the book is completed, and so far, the comic sketch book, Narrow Escape, #1, is on track for a November 30, 2021 completion date, it will be published. Lisa is creating this series on 3x3 Post-it notes, one of her favorite paper sizes. The story line follows Jessica Duke Film Star (left, and Jasper Traine's love of his life) and Jasper Traine (Jessica Duke's guardian angel).

Narrow Escape Blurb:

After an accident, a toad who goes by the name, Jasper Traine, is given the choice to remain in Toad Heaven or return to earth to remain with the love of his life, Jessica Duke Film Star, if he will continue to spread God's words.

Courtly Cottontails.

Lisa's Courtly Cottontails comic is licensed to various publishers. If you want to license a comic panel, Lisa has created over 460 Courtly Cottontail illustrations for the various books. Lisa creates a new cartoon daily.

To license a comic: (800 928-2372.

The Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails, Book 15, Meteor Shower is complete with the last illustration created on 11/06/2021, 32-original pencil illustrations. 

The Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails, Book 16 . . . will begin on 11/07/2021.



Christmas Releases 2021:

The Skater


8H: First Christmas in Eden


    First Christmas in Eden

    Rumored in Eden

    Silent Christmas Nights


Every October (since 2016, Lisa's created illustrations for what is known in the artist world as Inktober. In 2017, Lisa started a comic, Hallowink Hollow. The adventures of woodland friends that go off to celebrate Halloween together. Lisa draws these on 3x3 Post-it notes and on the last day of October publishes the drawings as a sketchbook. In the future, she'll create the written books (they are completed, she just hasn't put those versions out). The full books are available for licensing, if other publishers are interested. The Hallowink Hollow series has, unexpectedly, hit #1 and best seller lists in various categories on Amazon each year. Loose art or matted prints, art cards are available in stores carrying the Lisa Loucks-Christenson line, Silver Lake Books, Peacock Books, and Old Country Cross Christian Bookstores in Rochester, Minnesota.

Lisa released Hallowink's in the Haunted Carnival Volume 4 

and the sequel, The Hallowink's in Escape from the Haunted Carnival, Volume 5.

Buy the first five volumes on Amazon:


VALENTINE'S ADVENTURES published by Story Antics® and the Bow Wow Detectives®.

Shipwreck Sunday!

Lisa will resume her Valentine's Adventures series in January 2021. These books are original stories and created in watercolor by Lisa. Each illustration takes Lisa up to 10 hours to complete. Each book has 32-color illustrations, some have a few more, but those illustrations are held in her personal archives, to be released long after she's left this world. 

Completed stories:

Blustery Tuesday

Faire Friday

Shipwreck Sunday

Stowaway Saturday

Museum Monday (some of these paintings are published)


Silver Lake Books building


Lisa's Winter Bugs Exhibit will launch at Silver Lake Books on 11/26/2021.

Second floor of the building: 903 6th St. NW, Rochester, MN 55901 


Lisa is working on two other documentaries that she won't disclose due to people that have harassed her outdoors and destroyed her projects, killed the wildlife subjects, worse. Where were the police? The Conservation officers? The Sheriff's? Maybe it's better to ask the people Lisa helped, pulling them out of their car after they crashed, leading the husband and friends to the drunk wife stuck on a sandbar with water that had risen all around her, the father and daughter whose truck slid off the road in -40 degree weather, the raccoon dying with ice on his face, the buck who was decapitated at the knees, the fox rolling around in the grass with his eyes stuck shut, cracking and bleeding every time he moved. One state trooper (mentioned below) told me I was morbid for photographing these things. This is true life. No different than him documenting photos of crash scenes. I record life as I find it. That is my story. I also know I wasn't alone in hoping help would come. At least a few dozen people who didn't find the police, sheriff, or conservation officers hoped they would find help too. Eventually, I arrived and found each of them.

Below: These are messages for some of the people who know who they are, some have even shown up at my house, in my woods, at my businesses, at the events I speak at . . . this might not make any sense to anyone else, but it will in the books, and it will to those that follow me or know the truths.

For Jon who blackmailed me: Game on. I bet a Hollywood producer will find me before your ill-gathered story on my life, the one you were going to blackmail me with. I don't know if you're still in the Denver, Colorado area, but I might ask the state investigator that visits my shop, next time I see him.

For police that wouldn't help me: enough said. I was just your joke. Hope you had fun. 

For the police dispatchers, Winona/Rochester: You'd be ashamed to know, that while you mocked me all those years while I reported incidents, I was the same dispatcher (for over 30 years for my own company), answering YOUR calls. For the Police officer that stood in my gallery completely unaware that there were two men that broke into the store, and told me it wasn't your job to stand there until I arrived--it is your job. I know because I've taken YOUR calls for other buildings in Rochester for 30+ years. Hate me. I don't care. I'm on earth for God, not you, and I've never balked at where He places me and asks me to stand and wait. "Look up, each of you. You're searching in all the wrong places."

For the fake conservation officer using the credentials of the real officer: It took me forever, but I found the truth. Your unwanted adventures into my life will be featured in my upcoming books. Also, maybe next time, you should change up your outfit to match a real conservation officer's uniform for the state of Minnesota. You can probably pick up a fake badge on eBay. You should not have stopped and detained me. 

For the prick who stalked me in the woods that is obviously the same man that left the red duct tape, red rope, red garbage bag right where I sat and filmed in the middle of 27,000 acres.Weird that you'd just happen to find me there, leave those items in the woods like that. Eventually, God placed two real state patrol officers from another state in my life. They helped me figure out some of this.

To the rogue Minnesota Trooper: Oddly, tonight (11/07/2021) while I came back from shooting for one of my documentaries, a female bald eagle flew over my truck, leading me back to Rochester. Many people may not have known an eagle from a crow, flying above them on a highway, but I spent over 15 years with them. Then I saw a state trooper truck at one of the highway restaurants. To me, that was a sign, a message that God's seen these words and will send the help, because you belong on permanent leave. I can identify you still.

I'm making sure you get double coverage in my upcoming books, I'll include all the details, your lies and what you did and said, but who could I have gone to then? The police? I guess you knew that.

By the way, I hope, by now, that you have a map by now of the  Minnesota highway system. There were a lot of things that disturbed me about you, both times, but the fact that you couldn't find the highway (the one that you were standing on); but the second time you didn't know your way in the woods but knew how to pop up behind me––again told me you knew I'd be there. You said, "Where's your trail?" Your eyes settled on my bear mace, more than my eyes. That told me to watch out for you. Twice, you "magically" appeared in my life.

You should be aware, because I've almost died a few times now, that I may have "entertained" a few angels in my lifetime: but I know you are not one of them. So angelic appearances is out.

I have a million dollar question for you. When that producer comes into my life, and wants this story, he'll have his camera ready to capture your lie that you can't escape. That is why that female eagle flew over me tonight. It was the answer I've asked God to show me for a long time now. 

For the guy holding up the red body bag, opened wide while you walked towards me that night, only God knows if you had the knife on you. The one that wasn't in the knife sheath you arranged so carefully on top of the red rope or duct tape, you had placed by where I sat at the main nest site. You don't know it, but I have your photos. I bet you didn't expect that. Even while I was in danger, I took that time and shot those. I'm publishing them in my upcoming books. You should have finished the job--faster when you had that opportunity. I guess you didn't expect me to change positions, or that the mother eagle would show me exactly where you were.

Also, I'm not sure if you're the man that had my headshot as one of your personal  "Lisa's" in your collection on Twitter. The profiles that I found, where you were using two different military images as your avatar, one backwards--like your thoughts. See that is a clue into you, whether you purposely posted it backwards or by your own ignorance, it doesn't matter--it points to you. You are deeply disturbed.

For the other guys that had fun at my expense: you'll be in the books too. 

For those who truly want to help: pray for my safety while I continue my projects in a lawless land, in a place that barely gets cell coverage to begin with, in a place where drugs, human trafficking and poaching goes on right in front of the eyes of our area law enforcement. I have the photos, the video, the truth. No one wants the truth because sometimes they are involved.

 Winona, Wabasha, Olmsted, Rochester, State of Minnesota: any future communications can go through my attorney. You know his name.